We offer professional services within a wide range of technologies and practices. Our main expertise and experience focus on mobile development for iOS and Android, back-end/front-end development in Java, Node, Fuse, React, Angular, Scala and DevOps.


Tailored Solution

Custom-tailored, desktop, web, and mobile. We will pick proper technologies to align your needs well. Rage from POC, to MVP and advanced platforms.


First shop? Paid content distribution? Or maybe you are selling the most adventure travels in the world, and nothing fits? We are open to help, whatever the idea is we will make it happen.

Project takeover

Your developer failed? Or you run out of the resources, and the project seems to collapse? No way, we can avoid that. We can take over the project at almost all phases and securely lead it to the happy end.


MVP? Advanced database solutions? Too many API’s? Mobile applications? Whatever you are into with your first idea, we will make it happen. Scalable, reliable, well documented, exactly like investors love.


Does your project need a coder on the client site? And the site is in New York, Abu Dhabi or Melbourne? We did that many times and never failed. Talk to us, and we will develop a proper process scenario to make it happen.


Full support in advanced integrations of standard corporate systems. What is more, we are ready to develop your system, tailored to all of your expectations. Are some features missing in your new software?

System Integrations

Time to move to the new version, but you are afraid that some modules will be incompatible? The Subsystem does not have proper protocols? Missing connectivity between systems? For us, none of that is the problem.